About Us - The Echidna Group

The Echidna Group is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and in Indigenous communities across Australia and at times across the world. We consider this a great privilege. To show our respect for Indigenous peoples and cultures in all regions we adhere to the principles of spirit and integrity, reciprocity, respect, equality and responsibility.


The Echidna Group was established in 2005 and is an Indigenous-owned research and development consultancy created in response to a perceived need for high quality services provided by suitably skilled and experienced Indigenous consultants.

The Echidna Group have had extensive experience working in both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous health and welfare fields, in management, service provision, project coordination, and research and development contexts.

The Echidna Group are proudly backed by a team of highly qualified, experienced and skilled Indigenous consultants and assistants, as well as a number of associate relationships with a host of other professionals who have achieved high esteem in their respective fields. We believe this level of expertise is what gives The Echidna Group substance and undisputed credibility.

With attested proficiency in dealing with a wide variety of complex issues and methodologies, The Echidna Group have a proven track record of carrying out complex research, development and training activities for government and non-government organisations, to a high standard, within budget, and on time.

The reputation of The Echidna Group is based on an approach that is both:

  • collaborative insofar as communities are respected as expert holders of knowledge, and are therefore involved in all aspects of the research design, implementation, and determination of outcomes; and
  • appropriate in terms of cultural understanding and adherence to relevant research protocols.

Based in the Illawarra region on the east coast of NSW Australia, The Echidna Group provides services both nationwide and internationally.